Peril at Sea and Salvage: A Guide for Masters

6th Edition 2020
This publication is a reference guide for Masters, outlining the actions that should be taken when confronted with an emergency on board: from initial assessment and immediate actions, through to towage or salvage arrangements.
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This guide outlines the actions a Master should take when confronted with an emergency onboard: from the initial assessment and immediate actions, through to towage or salvage arrangements.

It provides guidance on best practice and explains the importance of prompt notification to relevant parties, particularly flag States and the company. A section is included with recommendations for a company’s shore-based personnel.

This sixth edition incorporates the major changes that have taken place in the shipping industry since the last edition was published and supersedes the ICS/OCIMF joint publication Peril at Sea and Salvage: A Guide to Masters, Fifth Edition (1998), which is now withdrawn from sale


The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) is the principal international trade association for the shipping industry, representing shipowners and operators in all sectors and trades.

ICS membership comprises national shipowners' associations in Asia, Europe and the Americas whose member shipping companies operate over 80% of the world's merchant tonnage.

Established in 1921, ICS is concerned with all technical, legal, employment affairs and policy issues that may affect international shipping.

ICS represents shipowners with the various intergovernmental regulatory bodies that impact on shipping, including the International Maritime Organization.

ICS also develops best practices and guidance, including a wide range of publications and free resources that are used by ship operators globally.


The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) is a voluntary association of oil companies with an interest in the shipment and terminalling of crude oil, oil products, petrochemicals and gas. OCIMF focuses exclusively on preventing harm to people and the environment by promoting best practice in the design, construction and operation of tankers, barges and offshore vessels and their interfaces with terminals. Learn more at

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Publication Date: October 2020