Welcome to EW LINER

EW Liner Charts & Publications is an International ADMIRALTY Chart Agent established in 1995 under the leadership of Captain Prem Kumar, an ex-NOL Master Mariner with 25 years of sea-going experience. Over the years, we have diversified our products and services with the aim of becoming a one-stop supplier for your navigation-related requirements.

Our Products and Services

  • Supply and management of nautical charts & publications (both digital & paper) on-board vessels
  • Manufacture and supply of flags
  • Manufacture and supply of safety signs and posters
  • Supply of nautical stationery such as log books and other navigational instruments
  • Developing back-of-bridge navigational software to assist vessel crew with the ordering and management of digital & paper charts and publications
  • Developing other types of applications for use on vessels such as electronic logbooks and software for calculating crew work rest hours

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We strive to be the Maritime Industry’s trusted supplier of choice for charts, publications, e-Navigation solutions and other related products used on vessels. We achieve this through the following best practices:

  • Developing quality yet cost-effective e-navigation solutions to the maritime industry
  • Responding to all requests for quotations in a prompt manner
  • All orders in cities where we operate are processed and delivered on time through our in-house fleet of delivery vans
  • 24/7 support for customers via our hotline (+65 63230773)
  • Dedicated staff with deep industry knowledge who are able to address customer queries and concerns.


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” - Jonathan Swift

Our vision is to play a major role in the facilitation of efficient and safe movement of the world’s merchant fleet. Through our various product offerings and e-Navigation solutions, our customers’ can be rest assured that their vessels are compliant with the SOLAS carriage requirements for charts and publications.