ChartWatch by EW Liner

An Integrated Back-of-Bridge Software

ChartWatch has been developed by EW Liner with one main objective: to provide Mariners with an effective yet user friendly application for the maintenance of ENCs and Paper Chart outfits on-board vessels thereby ensuring navigational safety and compliance.

With more than [16,000] ENCs and [3,500] Paper Charts, and with the majority of ENCs being purchased on a 3-month license period, it is important that you choose the right chart management software to keep track of it all!

ChartWatch Digital Module

  • Simple processes for the maintenance and update of ENCs under the Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS).
  • Ability to download base data for AVCS & Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO). This reduces the need to frequently send AVCS DVDs on-board.
  • All base ENC and AIO data is backed up on-board so only weekly published updates for vessel holdings need to be downloaded. Update files contain small data sizes resulting in significant on-board internet costs savings and preserving bandwidth.
  • Facility to generate complete base and updates data for ENCs and AIO in case ECDIS on board gets corrupted.
  • Integrated e-NP Reader which allows for display of subscribed ADMIRALTY e-NPs and weekly updates.
  • Weekly back-up facility of all ChartWatch data in case the vessel’s bridge computer crashes. The ChartWatch application can be installed and restored on another computer without any loss of data.

ChartWatch Digital Catalogue

  • A comprehensive, multi-functional digital catalogue for ordering and managing digital charts and publications.
  • Mariners can view, browse and select for purchase, ADMIRALTY digital products such as AVCS, ADP and e-NPs.
  • The ChartWatch Digital Catalogue allows for automated port-to-port routing. Mariners can also manually select their desired routes. Routes can be exported and are compatible with all ECDIS brands.
  • Highlights the existing on-board ADMIRALTY digital product holdings so that mariners know the products which are not available for the upcoming voyage.
  • Request and receive automated quotations for ADMIRALTY digital products in real time though our B2B application. This reduces the administrative time spent on the ordering process, allowing mariners to concentrate on their navigational and other bridge duties

AENP Viewer

  • Integrated ADMIRALTY e-NP (AENP) Reader which makes it possible to register, access, license and update all AENPs from within the software. The AENP Reader allows for the display of subscribed ADMIRALTY e-NPs with the same familiar look as all ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications.
  • Mariners can view Sailing Directors and other popular ADMIRALTY e-NPs such as The Mariner’s Handbook (NP 100), The Nautical Almanac (NP 314), Ocean Passages for the Word (NP 136) and many more ADMIRALTY Publications.
  • Weekly updating of AENPs: Mariners can download and apply the latest electronic weekly Notices to Mariners (NMs) updates to AENPs on board electronically. This important feature helps to support safety and compliance, as well as reducing administration on board the vessel.
  • Simple search functionality gives users quick access to the relevant information that the Mariner is searching for.
  • AENP viewer snapshot function helps Mariners view, save and print AENP pages as well as any applicable NMs.

ChartWatch Paper Module

  • Vessel can maintain and update its own inventory, add charts and publications, make items active or inactive.
  • Check inventory status at any time to see if any charts or publications are out of date and print out reports for inspection.
  • Download weekly chart corrections complete with Tracings and Temporary & Permanent (T & P) Corrections as and when required to keep holdings up to date.
  • Download weekly corrections and Notices to Mariners for ADMIRALTY charts and publications.
  • An automatically updated Chart Correction Log which can be printed out for inspection.
  • Request and download historical ADMIRALTY chart corrections complete with T & P Corrections. This will allow for the update of previously inactive charts that may be required when the vessel changes its area of operation.


Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at EW Liner. Once you subscribe to ChartWatch, our technical team will offer the following support services:

  • ChartWatch video tutorials for set-up, installation and training crew. This saves the mariner time as it eliminates the need to review detailed user guides and they can familiarise themselves with the key features of ChartWatch quickly.
  • Further training through video conferencing or at a suitable location.
  • 24/7 technical support through our dedicated ChartWatch hotline, email or remote conferencing.