ECDIS Procedures Guide - 2023-2024 Edition


ECDIS Procedures Guide Part 1 has been significantly updated to reflect all the latest software, hardware, documentation, PSC/audit skill gaps and best practice procedures in ECDIS navigation. It includes worked examples from different manufacturers’ systems and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating AI in ECDIS usage. For many ships, this development will require a modernisation of current practices, which this Guide aims to assist with. All recommendations are designed to accompany a ship’s safety management system (SMS).

Part 2 of the Guide features fully updated familiarisation checklists and key menu functions to be aware of when operating specific manufacturers’ systems.

Part 3 – Type Specific Quick Reference Guides has been updated to reflect the latest software versions and functionalities.

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It is vital that all ships carrying ECDIS have installed and understood the latest updates and requirements. This title provides a framework, as well as supporting background information and checklists, to aid officers in fulfilling STCW requirements. It also helps companies to implement best practice in the use of ECDIS on board their ships.

The 2023–2024 Edition has been significantly updated throughout, reflecting all the latest software, hardware, documentation, PSC/audit skill gaps and procedures for best practice. The latest standards for ‘Vessel Template’ configurations, advance and transfer information and ECDIS COM port setup are detailed. Examples of radar maps and system units best practices are also included. New sections have been added highlighting advantages and disadvantages of track control system (TCS) integration, providing information on the various available GNSS systems and their reliability, and discussing (with images) correct configuration and management of information sent to ECDIS from an integrated echosounder.

The new 2024 ISM ECDIS Audit Template, which should be completed by all ships, is included, and a software suitability checklist and the latest ECDIS Generic course modules have been added. The last 12 months of observations and inspections are reviewed, and the use of inspection screenshots as evidence of ECDIS position verification is explored. New subjects for both 6th Generation and legacy software functions are fully covered.

To address known charting issues, new maps have been added highlighting areas of low reliability for use at the appraisal stage of planning, alongside up-to-date information on polar navigation and related ENC issues. Examples of chart symbols commonly not recognised at inspection and STCW exams have been added and addressed in two new annexes. Finally, ECDIS Safety Checklists have been updated and presented in a new easy to use format.

Part 2 of the Guide includes fully revised Type Specific familiarisation checklists to be filled in by ECDIS operators, in addition to annotated screenshots highlighting key ECDIS menu functions. Part 3 is available for download and includes Type Specific ECDIS Quick Reference Guides to help the navigator identify the functional differences between systems and become familiarised with the specific system on board their ship. The Guides include the latest standards required on board, concentrating on the latest typical ECDIS configurations of sensors at sea.

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